Earth Day is everyday
Wed, Apr 22 12:37pm

Dear Hoover Families

It's getting harder to remember what day it is when we are all sheltered-in-place, isn't it? Today is EARTH DAY!!!

While we all coop up at home, unable to enjoy our beautiful planet in full, some unexpected amazing side effects are actually taking place around the globe. Many reports show that the natural world is thriving while we humans are staying indoors. Less human traffic has produced less pollution. As a result, the air quality is better, the sky is bluer, the beaches are cleaner, and the water is clearer.

Maybe we can all learn a few things from having these positive side effects. We humans indeed have put too much pressure on the natural world. The earth has had a chance to rest while we all have to stay home. Maybe we can learn to drive less, live with less, and conserve more. We can even consider practicing some of our shelter-in-place habits in the future, reducing the pressure we put on the earth every day.

Let's try to do our share to keep our earth the beautiful place we want it to be. As a gardening enthusiast, I suggest that we start out by giving some thoughts to our garden since we are all cooped up at home anyway. Did you know that having your own vegetable garden helps reduce air pollution? If people grow vegetables in their own yard, they don't need to drive to the store as often. If you're not a fan of growing vegetables, then you can grow a tree or some of your favorite flowers. If you have too much concrete in your yard, you can grow them in pots instead. We all have green thumbs. You just need to discover them.

Please also check out Hoover's latest enews for some family-friendly activities to celebrate Earth Day posted by PAUSD.

Wish you all a wonderful EARTH DAY today!


Yuhong Kong

Green Team Parent Advisor