Hoover Book Exchange: Bring your used books Jan 22 to Jan 25!
Mon, Jan 22 - Thu, Jan 25
Your Child's Hoover Classroom
2 days before
Week of Jan 22-26


This is an all-school Hoover activity.

Clean out your kids' bookshelves! We hope that EVERY child participates!!  Bring books your child has outgrown to Hoover's Free Book Exchange January 22nd to 25th (Monday-Thursday). Books should be sent to your child's classroom.  Your child may bring in as many books as s/he wishes, and teachers will give exchange credit for each book brought in (maximum 5 credits).  More than five books is even better, since classrooms compete to see which brings in the most books. On Friday morning, all the books will be sorted and distributed to classroom teachers. Each child will get to select the number of books (up to 5) that s/he donated. 

We especially love chapter books. 

What books NOT to bring: In keeping with our school's goal of providing top-quality reading material for our kids, we would prefer that you do not bring coloring books, preschool-level books, magazines, comic books, severely damaged books, books in other languages, or books about the following topics: religion, religious holidays, teen/adult books, or books featuring commercial (for-profit) television or movie characters (some examples: Disney, Pokemon, Sponge Bob, Hannah Montana). Books featuring public educational TV characters like Arthur and Curious George are OK as long as they are not preschool level.

Volunteers: If you can help sort books, please come to the MP Room in the morning on M 1/22, T 1/23, W 1/24, and Th 1/25 around 8:15 am.  Sorting lasts for 1-2 hours each day depending on how many books are brought in and how many volunteers come.  If you can only come for 30 minutes we still could use your help!  Volunteer signups will be sent out separately through Konstella.