Hoover Field Day
Fri, Nov 2 11:16pm
Hoover Elementary
Hoover's 1st Field Day
Saturday, Nov 3, 2018
11:30am - 2:30pm
With excitement we look forward to seeing you for the 1st Hoover Field Day!
Please come and cheer our children as they participate in many games and activities. There are exciting prizes to be won and gifts to collect.
We are hoping for a beautiful sunny afternoon in the upper 70s. Please remind each student of the following:
  • Apply and bring sun-screen
  • Bring the free raffle tickets that was sent home. You can buy more raffle tickets online till 9 am tomorrow or in person till 1:25pm at the registration desk. 
  • Please get small bills as we have delicious bake sale, each items costing $1
  • Do bring filled water bottles
  • Please make sure kids are wearing closed toed/athletic shoes (no sandals)
When you register at the registration desk, you will get 1 food ticket which will entitle you to 1 free slice of pizza. Also, all participating children and parent volunteers will get an Active Hedgie Bandana.!!
We still need volunteers. Please click on the link to signup:  https://www.konstella.com/app/school/53e949f3e4b09e30fe8aaf7a/signups/5bc82b0ae4b0235f1f5d4706
Bakers - a gentle reminder, please make sure the baked goods which you bring for the sale are nut free 
Thank you and hope to see you all tomorrow! 
Hoover Field Day Committee