Hoover Gas Line Work
Thu, May 2 - Wed, May 8
Hoover Elementary

Hello, Hoover families!

As we approach the weekend and prepare for the changes that will be happening next week, I want to review a few things:

#1: Please try to avoid driving in to Hoover if you can. I am attaching a pdf to this message of the path in and out of Hoover next week for cars and of the areas where you can park (Mitchell Park and the Library on Old Middlefield). Please also remember that Piazza's or a free space in the neighborhood will work well, too. Please be courteous about your parking as we have heard from some neighbors who have had driveways blocked, etc. 


#2: Teachers gave out yellow placards with the kids' names on them so that if you absolutely, positively, had to drive in, you could place it on your dashboard and we could send the kids to you as you picked up on Waverley Drive. We will be out there with radios to communicate with our counterparts near the benches where the kids will be waiting. My hope is that only our Kindergarten parents will use them, however, and other parents will realize the congestion in our area and the even worse congestion as you roll through -- slowly to JLS -- will not be worth it. Parking and walking in is your best solution! Maybe Monday is a "Mitchell Park Day" with friends, Tuesday is a trip to the Magical Bridge Playground, Wednesday is Library Day, etc. We can turn this inconvenience into a wonderful option for after school! 


#3: The vans that come in will need to park over in front of HKC and the Science Resource Center as you can see in the pdf attached. We will walk our students to the vans after school. There is some parking over there for parents, but not much. 


#4: The weather will be beautiful next week -- lower 70's -- and the walk or bike ride in will be amazing. Reconnect and spend some quality time with your kids walking or biking in the morning and the afternoon. You'll be so glad you did. 


#5: Summary and reason for this project: As we prepare to begin construction at Hoover, current infrastructure like piping for gas and water need upgrades. We are working with the City of Palo Alto to complete work on upgrading this specific line before a deadline that is near. This project and your patience and understanding will keep us on track so we will be able to proceed on schedule.


Thank you!

Jim Sherman and the Hoover Staff