Hoover International Festival - Come One Come All !
Tue, Mar 26 10:04am
Hoover Elementary

Hello Hoover 


Are you excited? We certainly are! We truly have an amazing line up for the international festival with generous families coming forward to share their time and energy for putting up a great show. 


Kudos to the lovely host families who bring this together again and again!!!  Lets give them a big hand! 

Family Liu (China) 

Families Dhaliwal, Chandra, and Mathur (India) 

Family Iqbal (Iran) 

Family Salzmann (Japan) 

Family Raphael (Jamaica) 

Families Baeck and Lee (Korea) 

Families Rios and Solorio (Mexico) 

Family Darilo (Philippines) 

Families Petrova and Siruva (Russia) 

Families Ranatunga and Padmasiri (Sri Lanka) 

Family Blauwkamp (Trinidad and Tobago) 


Don't forget : Saturday April 13 @ 4 pm is when it takes place! Be there! 


Three Cheers for Hoover! Hip Hip Hurray