Hoover International Festival - an exciting update!
Sat, Mar 24 3:54pm
Hoover Elementary

Hoover International Festival : Saturday, April 14, 4-6 pm 


Dear Hoover Families 


An update for you from Hoover International Festival - we are now presenting - drumroll please! - Dance  Performances! 


Thats right - country dance performances are back on popular demand. What enthusiasm and energy for presenting traditional dances! Kudos to you all! 


Small difference - we will NOT have a center stage. Instead, country booths will host street performances.

The street performers will be located near their country booths and perform at specific time intervals (each booth can decide). Each country booth can prepare 1 or multiple street performances. This will attract attention to the country booths and add to the immersive experience. 


Please sign up for your performances with your host family - here are the names of the host families for you to contact. A big round of applause for our lovely host families! 

Canada - Charu Gupta and Ira Pamnani

China - Chloe Jian Ma 

El Salvador - TBD

Guatemala - TBD

India - Prasha Govindarajan and Amrutha Kattamuri 

Indonesia - Meilani Hendrawidjaja

Iran - Fatima Iqbal 

Jamaica - Mayma Raphael

Japan - Noriyo Ikeda Salzmann

Mexico - Elizabeth Salas 

Philippines - Vincent Derilo 

Trinidad and Tobago - Marsha Blaukamp 

Ukraine - Liliya Shilova