Hoover International Festival 2019, Saturday April 13, 4 pm
Tue, Mar 19 6:22am
Hoover Elementary

Hoover International Festival 2019, April 13, 4 pm 


Hello Hoover Families


This has been a slow week, but nevertheless we want to give a shout out to the families who have signed up. Thank you for your enthusiasm and warmth. Please consider this also as a reminder to sign up for the event as we quickly approach Spring Break. 


We still have a few open slots so C'mon Canada, C'mon Korea, C'mon China, C'mon Mexico! 


Country  Booth  Dance 
India Jasmine, Aparna Anima 
Iran  Fatima Iqbal  
Japan Norio Ikeda Salzmann Toshiko Nakayama
Korea   Michael Lee 
Russia  Olga Petrova and Anastasia Sivura TBD
Sri Lanka  Nimna Ranatunga and Harini Padmasiri  
Trinidad and Tobago Marsha Blauwkamp  


For all current sign-ups, please look out for further instructions from Ira and myself.  For the open slots, we await your participation. 



Ira and Kiran