Hoover's Summer of Love Gala Auction
Thu, Oct 5 6:31am
Room 5 - Ms. Loken / Yoder


Hi Everyone:


The Hoover Summer of Love Gala Auction is coming up on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at Mitchell Park Community Center.  I hope you are ready to party like it’s 1967!  We have a very special night planned.  All YOU need to do is buy your tickets now!  Tickets are $50 each. 




What to expect at this year’s fundraiser?

  • A setting that will take you back to 1967
  • Wine (Yes, we were able to secure a wine sponsor!)
  • Dinner
  • DJ Music
  • Dancing
  • Summer of Love Photo Booth
  • Live Auction and silent auction items - from our sponsors (too many exciting items to list here.  Just take a look at the board in the office.)
  • Raffle prizes
  • Hopefully a lot of people that look like hippies!  (Dress code anything 60’s and summery - flowery prints, tie-dye, bellbottoms, bright colours)


Are you wondering why we are fundraising?

Funds support educational activities that are not fully covered in the school budget including:  technology, books, classroom supplies, field trips and so one.  We are are also expanding our STEAM programs this year with funding for engineering and science programs, children’s theater and musical instruments.  We are also hoping to make a significant investment in refreshing our school library and replacing worn out books and other resources.


None of this is possible without YOU.  So, please get your tickets now!


For more information, please go to https://www.hooverauction.com.