International Festival - we are on!
Thu, Mar 22 12:27pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Community 


Thanks to our lovely host families who have stepped up to take charge of country representations. This is going to be a fabulous and colorful event. I am excited to imagine what to expect! 


Here is a quick pop quiz for you - how many nationalities and countries do you think your school represents? Personally, I have never before seen this level of diversity.  So far we have representation from Canada, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ukraine! How AMAZING! Our children are so very lucky! 


Come One, Come All! This is going to be our flagship event and lets make it our responsibility to make it fun, amazing and fabulous!  Ira and I are looking forward to welcoming all families to the Hoover International Festival!