International Festival : sign up for country booths and country dance performance
Sat, Apr 13 4:00pm-6:00pm
Hoover Elementary


International Festival 2019, April 13, 4 pm 

Dear Hoover Families 


And we are on our way, planning for the famous International Festival. We are nearly a month away (and spring break occurs right before!). Our generous families are signing up and here is the sign up sheet so far. 


A big shout out to the initial signups from Japan, Korea and Trinidad & Tobago. But we need more! Please contact Ira and myself to share your ideas on how you will represent your country at the occasion.


What to expect? Country flags will be hung, tables with coordinated table cloths will be provided, dance line up will be coordinated, you will get a cash amount to fund your booth - we are making it fun and easy! Please COME IN LARGE NUMBERS to participate. Bring your friends and family. Hoover Alumni is especially welcome! 


Here is the sign up sheet people, please note the missing entry against your country's proud name, and participate!  


Country  Booth  Dance 
Japan Norio Ikeda Salzmann Toshiko Nakayama
Korea   Michael Lee 
Sri Lanka     
Trinidad and Tobago Marsha Blauwkamp  


Ira Pamnani and I are coordinating the overall event and will help coordinate the volunteering efforts. Email us ASAP to get your spots as they go away quickly. 


Country Booths Signed Up: 15 / 20

Sat, Apr 13 4:00pm-6:00pm
Sign up

Country Dance Signed Up: 4 / 11

Sat, Apr 13 4:00pm-6:00pm
Sign up