Invention Convention - March 6th and 7th, 2018, MP room
Sat, Dec 23 12:02pm
Hoover Elementary

THE INVENTION CONVENTION IS BACK! < March 6 & 7 >  MARK THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR! Our Hoover Inventors have ten weeks, including Winter Break, until set-up day onMarch 5th, so now is a PERFECT TIME for families to get a head-start brainstorming ideas over the break. Teachers will send home ENTRY FORMS with more information on Friday, January 12th. Students should turn in ENTRY FORMS right away, and consider scheduling some quality time in order to come up with great inventions. Parents and students just need to sign the last page, cut the form out, and return the completed form to your classroom teacher. Returned forms will be used on a first come basis to determine two scheduled classroom deliveries of PTA provided boards in January and February. Students from ALL GRADES (K-5) are encouraged to participate.

 Best regards,
Invention Convention Coordinators
Mrs. Susie Rigas
Hersh Kaur
Anjuli Belwal