ONLINE Summer of Love Auction is LIVE!
Mon, Oct 23 10:12am
Hoover Elementary


Hoover families,

We are excited to launch our online auction, now ready for bidding!

We are fortunate to have had a ton of donations - camps, restaurants, after school activities, attractions, etc.  Please share the link widely among family and friends in the Bay Area - there is something in here for everyone.

Please check the site over the next couple of days.  We are going to be adding items continuously as a few additional contributions trickle in and will be adding in the silent auction baskets as they get finalized.

Some clarifications:

- there are a a set of items under the category "Hoover Families" which will continue to be bid on at the live event.  You have the ability to set a proxy price online which is the upper price you are willing to pay on an item.  If that price is not exceeded in the silent or live auction, you will still win the item :).

- the gala LIVE event is Sat, Nov 4, 6:30 pm at Mitchell Park Community Center.  Childcare onsite is also being provided.

- We are opening up the silent auction from 6:30-8 for everyone.  We'd like the  entire community to be able to attend the silent auction portion of the event where teacher's experience signups and other amazing baskets and packages are available.  If you can stay for dinner, even better, and we'll have registration and ticket sales at the door.  You are also welcome to have a friend sign up and bid on your behalf - we can collect payment later.

- If you can make it for the whole event, please do get your tickets asap so we can inform the caterers.  Tickets for dinner are $50 here or please fill out the form in the office.


We really hope to see as many Hedgies as possible at the live event!  Please let us know if you have any questions at

Happy bidding!

Hoover PTA