Wed, Mar 13 4:47pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents!

You may have received Flyers and Fact sheets about the Stanford GUP and how PAUSD is requesting full mitigation from Stanford, for the new students who are going to be enrolled in our school district. See fact sheet attached for more details.
This is a friendly reminder requesting you to join tomorrow THURSDAY, March 14th, the PTAC and PAUSD School Rally, which starts at 5:30 pm (see flyer below). Children of all ages are most welcome to accompany you.
We request you to join in as this is REALLY important for all PAUSD children - our children - and especially important for entering, transitional kindergarten, and elementary school families — as these younger kids will be growing up and attending PAUSD schools in the next 17 years.
We need everyone to be there. If you or anyone you know works in downtown Palo Alto ask them to stop by. If they will be passing through downtown Thursday evening, tell them to honk their car horns as they drive by City Hall (Hamilton Ave.) to show their support. 
PIZZA will be served (by generous donation from our community partners (PACPC) and we encourage you to bring your own bottled (Non-sugary) beverage. Click here to rsvp to help with the pizza count 
We have confirmed speakers (see below), but any PTA member and school PTA leaders shall have priority to speak. We want to hear from you and allow the public at large to hear from us. Media outlets have been invited and are confirmed to be there. We also have online coverage website and Facebook as well as on online social platforms. 
Confirmed speakers: 
County Supervisor- Joe Simitian
Palo Alto Mayor- Eric Filseth
CSEA President- Meb Steiner
PAUSD school board President -Jennifer DiBrienza
Palo Alto PTA Council President -Jade Chao
Safe Routes to School representative
SCoPE 2035 representative
We hope to see you tomorrow at the City Hall, to lend your support!!
Thank you,
Indira Selvakumaraswamy