Phone banking help for Measure Z....
Mon, Oct 8 9:28pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents,

Voting YES on Measure Z is Crucial for our School District Facility’s Safety and Security and for 21st Century Learning Standards.

Measure Z funds will continue PAUSD facility improvements by enhancing school security and upgrading classrooms and labs to meet 21st-century instructional standards.  If approved by 55% of voters, this measure would provide locally-controlled funding for school improvements, including:

 · Upgrading schools to current seismic safety standards to help keep students safe in the event of an earthquake

· Completing needed repairs at school facilities

· Increasing school safety and security, such as fire alarms, door locks and emergency communication systems to bring security systems up to current standards

· Providing classrooms and labs to support up-to-date science, technology, engineering and robotics instruction

· Providing up-to-date facilities to maintain outstanding performing and visual arts programs

· Ensuring school facilities are accessible for students with disabilities and equitable for all

We need your help:

1.     Sign up to PHONE BANK on November 1st, 2018 from 6PM - 8:30PM at Alain Pinel 578 University Ave Palo Alto. To Sign up: Phone banking help

You can do the full time or as little as an hour in that time band. Training, a script, food and drinks will be provided. We just need volunteers with their phones.

Other ways to help:

2.     Participate in a Precinct walk. Oct 6, Oct 20 and Nov 3. Visit

3.     Get a lawn sign! Visit

4.     MAIL IN YOUR YES VOTE as soon as your mail-in ballot arrives.  Or vote YES in person on Nov 6.


Thank you!