Picture Day Helpers Needed...
Thu, Aug 30 8:05am-2:30pm
Hoover Elementary
1 day before

Dear Hoover Parents,

We are looking for 2 helpers to help us with the Picture Day, which is in this Thursday 8/30 from 8.05 am - 2.30 pm. The break time will match the school recess (10 - 10.20 am) and lunchtime break (12 -12.40 pm). We request parents to kindly sign up.

As a thank you, the photo company is also offering  Helper coupons for the volunteers who help out.


Thank you. 


Picture Day helper - will help bring the students from the class along with the teacher and help the event go smoothly. Signed Up: 2 / 2

Thu, Aug 30 8:05am-2:30pm