Quick updates - Goodwill Drive, Ice Skating, updated calendar and more
Sun, Sep 17 7:39pm
Hoover Elementary

Hoover Families


Didn't that feel good to clear out closets and get rid of some unwanted household items?!  We collectively contributed 1241 pounds to Goodwill! This is equal to a donation of $180.32 for our programs and events.  If you still need to get a receipt for your donations, please get one at the office.  Thank you for helping - every little bit counts!


Also,  we have secured our date for the annual Ice Skating Party at Winter Lodge - December 13th!  Thank you so much to our dear volunteers who helped keep our place in line for over 24 hours - Amber, Bryna, Kacie, Indira, Chen, Ajay, and all our friends at Palo Verde who never fail us in taking the tougher overnight spot!


And, if you haven't checked out our new online merchandise options - please get in your orders before Tuesday at 9am.  Hoover orders are getting printed this week!



We're getting really excited about the Summer of Love Gala on Nov 4th.  Kyle Edwards' team has a fantastic decor and setup planned and the sponsors and items are all trickling in - check out hooverauction.com for tickets, donating experiences/parties, and more!  There are a limited number of seats so please get your tickets early, and prices go up mid October too :).