S.O.T........Save Our Tortoise!!!
Sat, May 11 11:07am
Hoover Elementary

Dear Parents!

This is almost a SOS situation...!

For those who are not yet aware, Room 6 has a Pet Tortoise - Rudy.  He lives in his home inside Room 6 and is usually put out every day in the Kindergarten garden area at lunchtime and gets taken in after lunchtime. 

But yesterday afternoon he didn't go back in, at his usual time and it was only at dismissal time (around 2.15 pm) that he was discovered missing.

He is known to be pretty fast for a tortoise and an adventurous one too. On some days he has covered the distance from the garden box in the Kinder area to the Kinder sand box in 40 minutes (yes, he knows to climb down but not to climb up).

We have searched all the  surrounding areas (outside of the Kinder fence included) low and lower...but in vain.

IF you happen to see /hear/suspect any thing at all about his whereabouts...Please, please let us know ASAP. 

Also please keep your eyes peeled for him this weekend, especially if you are in the Mitchell Park-JLS Fields. 

Kindly ask your Hoover children (and if you know of any JLS ones too), if they did see him yesterday, even in a place far away from his home and or in an unusual place too.

We hope to find him soon, but we will need all your help.

Thank you,

Indira Selvakumaraswamy