SPECIAL GUEST for Principal's Coffee tomorrow morning - 2/8/2019 .... DO NOT MISS!!
Thu, Feb 7 10:40pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents!

This is a reminder that we are having our Principal's Coffee tomorrow morning - 2/8/2019 in the MPRoom at 8 am.

We have a special guest  joining us - Our new School Superintendent - Dr. Don Austin. It is his first visit to Hoover Elementary to meet and connect with parents - to share his vision for the district, the various areas of focus for the district and also to hear from you all.

Please do attend even if it is for a short time, as this is a wonderful opportunity to interact with him directly and to ask him any questions, offer feedback or suggestions that you may have.


We hope to see you all tomorrow morning in the MP Room at 8 am.


Thank you,

Indira Selvakumaraswamy