School Board's decision on Hoover school is tomorrow evening
Mon, Oct 23 1:55pm
Hoover Elementary

We need you to be at the meeting! 


Hoover community, 


Hoover School needs your support. The PAUSD School Board will be voting tomorrow to approve our schematic design for our proposed renovation. This will allow us to move forward with the Hoover Renovation Project. 


At the last meeting, there were two board members who were against the renovations and we are very concerned about tomorrow's vote. 


Hoover has been passed over for renovations and there have been no improvements at our school in almost 30 years. We are hoping that the Board will grant us our wish to update our school. Not only is the school outdated, but some of the shared spaces do not meet PAUSD standards.


Our school lacks adequate and sufficient space and although our staff has been great trying to accommodate the students as best as they can, especially during unfavorable weather, it has been a challenge. Help us help our children reach their full potential.


Please come tomorrow evening from 6:30 pm, at 25 Churchill Avenue. Wear your hedgie gear, and show your support. We need you! We really need you. 


Thank you!