Student ID cards
Thu, Oct 3 3:10pm

Hello Hoover families,


You will soon be receiving a copy of an ID card for your student. If you opted in to the Palo Alto Public Library program in Infinite Campus, this ID card will double as a Library Card. Here are some FAQs about the program in English, Mandarin and Spanish (scroll down.)


The ID cards have instructions for activating them taped to the back. You only need to activate your card if you have opted in and did not activate last year.


For Kindergarten, First and Second grades, the cards will be sent home. The photographer cannot replace ID cards if lost. The students have come to really love them, so keep an eye out. 


For 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades, we will pass the ID cards to the students at school. We will activate the cards together. This will occur sometime over the next couple of weeks during library time. If you have not opted in to the program, the ID card belonging to your student will not work as a PACL Library card and he or she will simply look on with another student during this portion of the lesson.


Please read through the FAQs if you have questions. I can help with anything not covered there.


Thank you,

Kristin Howell

Teacher Librarian

Hoover Elementary School