Wed, Dec 20 12:13pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents,

Hope this note finds you all well and looking forward to the upcoming break.

On behalf of Hoover PTA, I wish to THANK all the parent volunteers for having helped out at the various events and activities for the first half of this school year.  It wouldn't have been as successful without your help.  We are as always, grateful for your time (we also have a few new openings for the new year, but more on that in a later email).

Our recent Ice Skating Party was a great success, thanks to the efforts of our VP events Ira and Liliya.  Thanks also goes out to the volunteers who signed up and turned up to help that day and not to forget, all the other volunteers who stepped up to fill in the gaps that night.   

This year we had a  record 350 people attending out of which 241 were skaters alone. We tried something different and changed the ticketing model this year. If you wish to provide any feedback related to the event, please feel free to contact the VPs.

We also wish to thank the 10 wonderful parents who on such a short notice helped with the Lunch time supervision last week, so that our Teachers and Staff  could enjoy their special holiday luncheon. 

Laura Saldana, Tzu-Huey Li, Jieun Shin, Amrutha Kattamuri, Tatyana Zaytseva, June Lau, Kay Park, Tom Haxton, James Eron and Katrina O'Neil ....THANK YOU for volunteering your time.  The Lunch break went smoothly only because of you.  We deeply appreciate your efforts.


Wishing all Hoover Parents a relaxing and wonderful break with your family and friends. We will see you all in the New Year. 


Happy Holidays!!


Indira Selvakumaraswamy

Volunteer Coordinator.