Take It Personally ..TIP Program !!!
Wed, Apr 11 - Wed, May 9
Jordan Middle School - MPRoom

Dear Hoover Parents,

Exciting News!!

For those of you who missed attending the TIP program that we had offered in Fall, have a chance of going for it now!! And at a different timing too.!

NEW! Take It Personally: Project Cornerstone's Engaging Workshop for Parents and Caregivers
A strong family is the best predictor of children's success. Join us to discover tools for strengthening your relationship with your children in this 5-week workshop. Each week we will discuss and practice ways to show caring, giving support, setting boundaries, and building strong relationships that help youth succeed in school and life! You do not need to be a parent from Jordan, just an adult who cares about helping kids thrive. 
Class Title: Take It Personally
Dates:  Wednesdays: 4/114/184/25, 5/2, 5/9 (5 weeks)
Place/Host: Jordan Middle School - Multi-Purpose Room
 Suggested donation for workbook & materials: $20.00