Updates, changes and more....
Sat, Mar 14 1:26am

Dear Hoover Parents!

I hope that you are all well, amidst all things Covid!

Because of recent developments and with things moving so fast, it has taken a while to send out this update. There are some changes with regards to our PTA, that I would like to update you all. So, do excuse me for this long email, and kindly do read it till the end.

1. Upcoming PTA Social Events:With the district's decision to cancel all PTA events until the end of this school year, there are a few cancellations and a few tentative holds (these would be those events that will be re-examined later to see if we can conduct them, esp. if guidances banning large gatherings are lifted).
(i) Book Fair - this year we are thinking of an online only one. We hope to start the Book Fair next week and have it running for a week, but we are still in the process of working out the logistics and fine tuning the details. We even plan to have a virtual Author's evening with a reading session, that parents and children can join in from the comfort of their homes! Once we are ready to roll, we will be sending out an exclusive announcement with all the details. Please stay tuned for that. 
(ii) International Festival - scheduled originally for April 18th. Now stands cancelled.
(iii) Hoover Carnival - scheduled for June 3rd - is on a tentative hold, as of now. Decision will be made mid May, to see if we are going ahead or cancelling it.
2. Other Events-
(i) Teacher Appreciation  Week - This year, we will most probably have a day's celebration instead of a week, as requested by our teachers due to the current Covid situation. But closer to the event, we will re-examine to see if we are able to do more than one day or just a day. So, the final decision is still pending.
(ii) Volunteer Appreciation Day - Similar to the above. The final decision is pending and will be decided closer to the event date.
(iii) ABC Program - Once  school reopens after Spring break, we are looking at alternative options for the monthly reading sessions in the classrooms to continue, for the rest of this school year. We intend to have the end of the year ABC appreciation for the students, teachers and staff (as it has been in the past years). 
3. Meetings - 
(i) PTA Exec Board Meetings - Once school is back in session, the exec. board meetings will continue as per schedule. As we cannot have in-person meetings in school, we are looking to have these meetings via teleconference.
(ii) PTA Gen Association Meetings - We have been informed by CA PTA and the Sixth District PTA that all Association meetings have to be conducted only by in-person meetings unlike the exec. board meetings where teleconferencing is allowed. This will affect the voting-in of the incoming new board members. But, we are working to find an alternative solution.
4. New Board members - We are very happy to share that we have a full slate of Officers for the PTA Executive Board, for the next school year 2020-2021. The list has been posted on the PTA bulletin board, in accordance with our Bylaws. 
An exclusive email will be sent out, with the complete list so that all parents are aware.
Those were the key updates. We all know that in the past few days things have changed rapidly because of the fluid nature of the situation we are in. 
This is a time for us to stay calm and make sure that each one of us are doing our part in keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe. Our health is in our hands (quite literally:)
Please follow unfailingly and strictly, the hygiene methods and other safety precautions as outlined by the CDC and the County Health Department.
Even though the fear of the unknown and the fear due to the too-much-known exist, we still need to stay calm, so that our children learn to do the same. And remember that this too shall pass... and hopefully soon.
Until the next update - stay healthy and be safe. And if you have any concerns or need any clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
Indira Selvakumaraswamy