Winter parties: Use your room's reusable party pack
Wed, Dec 5 10:50pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents,

It's the time of the year that many classrooms have winter parties.  On behalf of the Green Team, I wanted to remind you to use the reusable party pack that your room was given last spring.   Your classroom teacher has them.  If you some of your party pack items have gone missing and you need replacements, go to Ms. Deggeller in Room 12 for replacements. 

Your classroom should use these party packs instead of disposable plates and forks!  You can also buy large bottles of beverages instead of individual boxes/bottles.  The Palo Alto District Green Team committee gave Hoover the money to make these party packs, so let's make good use of them and teach our kids how to be good stewards of Earth.  Instructions for how to use the party packs are below (and in each party pack).  


Happy reusing,




Each party pack includes 24 dishwasher safe (top rack) plates, cups, and forks sealed in a plastic bin.



  1. Before your class party, ask for a volunteer to be your party pack dishwasher.
  2. During your class party, use these reusable cups, plates and forks instead of paper plates and forks that will be thrown away.
  3. After your class party, collect all the dirty cups plates and forks in the bin, seal up the bin, and send the party pack home with the volunteer.
  4. Volunteer:  Wash the cups, plates, and forks in the TOP RACK OF YOUR DISHWASHER.  Hand-wash the bin with soapy water.  Let everything dry, pack it up, and send it back to your classroom to use again!