Thu, Mar 1 3:58pm
Huff Elementary
Submit your ideas for an awesome space-themed Hawkfest 2018 t-shirt!
Contest submission deadline is Monday, March 12th.
Winner(s) will receive a free shirt!
Rules and conditions:
• Submit design to the office by Monday, March 12, with your name, grade, and room number.
• Designs should be space-related (i.e. planets, outer space, space travel, etc.)
• Include "Huff" or hawk(s) in your design, if possible
• Keep it simple! No shading, thin lines or too small of design. Keep the same pattern and stick to 5 or less colors. You can choose any medium (crayon, colored pencil, marker/Sharpie), but don't overlap colors. "Royal Blue" has been selected as the t-shirt background color.
• Winning submission(s) might be altered or combined with others for shirt printing.
Questions? Email