HUFF PTA AUCTION UPDATE: Auction Item Donation Deadline is This Week!
Tue, Sep 25 10:35am
Huff Elementary


The 21st Annual Huff PTA Auction & Party is October 27, 2018. The auction relies on generous donations from businesses, parents, and teachers and staff.


This is our final week seeking donations for Huff PTA’s silent auction, and it’s not too late for YOU to contribute something that can build our community and raise more funds for Huff! If you can host a party/event for adults or kids, offer your talents or expertise, put together a little gift basket, or donate a special item or experience, you can help us meet the fundraising goal for the school!


Read on to get more ideas about the types of things you might be able to contribute or events you could help to host. Got an idea and need feedback? Or have any other questions? Contact our fundraising chair Lavanya Ramakrishnan ( ASAP!




Kids’ parties can be as simple as pizza and a movie, or something more interesting based on your interests or with access you may have to interesting things or interesting places. Examples could be:

  • Spa day party
  • Teddy bear tea party
  • Lego party
  • Craft party (holiday gift making, card making, etc.)
  • Cooking themed party (cookie baking, cupcake decorating, pizza making)



To inspire those who love to entertain, here are some party and event ideas for adults:

  • Progressive neighborhood dinner party
  • Ladies’ Night Out cocktail and cupcake party
  • Wine tasting progressive party
  • Tequila & Tacos party
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Guys’ beer and bocce, or poker night
  • Family BBQ or crab boil



Do you love to drink wine or enjoy an amazing cup of coffee? Here are some ideas to inspire beverage donations:

  • Interesting wine, gins, whiskeys, champagne, etc.
  • Teas or Coffee samplers (Starbucks, Peets, Philz, etc)
  • Themed gift baskets - such as a “Moscow Mule” kit, a Tea Lover’s basket, etc.



Everyone has talents to share… or maybe you have access to places others can usually only dream about:

  • Offer a photography lesson
  • Offer a yoga class for 10 people
  • Offer lunch and tour of your workplace
  • Do you own a timeshare or vacation home? COnsider donating a weekend or week-long getaway
  • Do you have access to sports tickets or a special golf course? Tickets to local sporting events are very popular.
  • Do you have access to upcoming concert tickets in the area?



Everyone loves to cook, or eat, or both! To inspire the chefs out there, here are some food-related ideas:

  • Sushi-making or pasta-making demonstration for 5 aspiring chefs
  • Offer dessert, bread, or cookies of the month for 3 or more months
  • Homemade pierogies (or whatever your specialty is)
  • Catered dinner party for 10 featuring your specialty menu