Help Us Build Community and Raise Funds at the Huff PTA Auction & Party
Mon, Oct 7 12:40pm

Huff PTA's 22nd Annual
Auction & Party
Saturday, November 2, 2019

Our annual fundraising auction relies on generous donations from parents, businesses, teachers and staff and we need your help to make this event a success.

This is our last week for donations for Huff PTA’s auction, and it’s not too late for YOU and others to contribute something that can build our community and raise more funds for Huff! If you can host a party/event for adults or kids, offer your talents or expertise, or donate a special item or experience for the live auction, you can help us meet the fundraising goal for the school!

Read on to get more ideas about the types of things you might be able to contribute or events you could help to host. Got an idea and need feedback? Or have any other questions? Ready to donate an item or event? Contact our auction chairs Megan & Sean Kundu ( ASAP!

Want to Get Involved and Not Sure Where to Start?

Consider donating a timeshare, vacation home, sporting event/concert tickets, specific skills (e.g., cooking lessons, photography session) or unique experience (e.g., tour of an interesting location, ability to host an event at a unique site) for our live or silent auction.

Host an event—it’s a fun way to get friends together, meet new families and earn money for Huff at the same time! What makes these events a success is the unique spin our Huff families bring to them. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Host an event, sign up to attend the auction, and then bring your friends! The more people that participate, the more connected our Huff community is and the more money we raise to support our kids.

Kids’ parties can be as simple as pizza and a movie, something more elaborate that you or your child like to do, or a unique opportunity/location you have access to. You can set the size and age group for the event based on what works for you, and hold the event at home, a park or a private location. Examples are:

  • Tea party
  • Fortnite tournament
  • Swim party
  • Lego party
  • Obstacles course
  • Craft party (holiday gift making, card making, etc.)
  • Cooking party (cookie baking, pizza making, etc.)

To inspire those who love to entertain, here are some party and event ideas for adults or families:

  • Progressive neighborhood dinner party
  • Ladies’ night out cocktail and cupcake party
  • Bounce house party
  • Tequila & tacos party
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Guys’ beer and bocce, or poker night
  • Family BBQ or crab boil
  • Museum or other special location tour or event

Everyone has talents to share… or maybe you have access to places others only dream about. Do you have a parent, friend or colleague you could call on that might be willing to donate to support our Huff PTA? Some ideas to get you started:

  • Could you offer a photography or yoga lesson?
  • Do you work somewhere interesting where you could offer lunch and a tour of your workplace?
  • Do you own a timeshare or vacation home? Consider donating a weekend or week-long getaway?
  • Do you have access to sports tickets or a special golf course?
  • Do you have access to upcoming concert tickets in the area?

Everyone loves to cook, or eat, or both! To inspire the chefs out there, here are some food-related ideas:

  • Sushi-making or pasta-making demonstration for 5 aspiring chefs
  • Offer homemade dessert or cultural food (or whatever your specialty is)
  • Catered dinner party for 10 featuring your specialty menu