Let Me Run: In Need of Another Head Coach & Assistant Coaches
Mon, Oct 9 10:06am
Huff Elementary

Hello Parents,

I would like to continue & expand Let Me Run programs for 4th and 5th grade boys.  Their mission is to inspire boys through the power of running, to be courageous enough to be themselves, to build healthy relationships, and to live an active lifestyle.  This is a group effort to create a culture of support for our boys and trying to break the "Boy Code". 

This is a 7 week program (mtgs are 2x/week) and ends in all the boys (and parents/sibling if they want) running a 5K.  Program would start the week of March 19 and run through May 12.

I would be one of the head coaches and would love to have a second head coach so we can offer the program to (a maximum of) 28 boys (14/team).  The head coach would have to go to a 3 hour training on Jan. 20, 2018 (in the Bay Area).  If you cannot be a head coach, please consider being an assistant coach (even if you can only come to one practice/week).  


THERE IS NO NEED TO BE A RUNNER.  This program would be held right after school and on days based on the assistant coach(es) availability.  If you would like to volunteer but are concerned because of a younger sibling, please contact me.  Also, if you can only help one day after school, please let me know!  You can be a coach even if your child is not in 4th or 5th grade!!

Please refer to their website for more information: http://www.letmerun.org/

Please consider volunteering.  We cannot have this program WITHOUT coaches.  If you have any questions/concerns email me at sheetal@letmerun.org.

Please see attached.

Thank you!