Literacy Week-- Parents Wanted :)
Mon, Dec 4 11:20am - Fri, Dec 8 12:45pm
Huff Elementary

Let's encourage READING!  Huff Literacy Week is a new PTA sponsored event this year --- Dec. 4th - 8th

  • Literacy focused activities will be offered daily at lunchtime (Thursday will be at AM recess)
  • Activities will be available for ALL grades
  • Goals are to introduce different books, inspire kids to try new ones, encourage them to read daily, and make reading FUN.
  • We need some adults to help monitor activities--- just 1 hour per day on the blacktop (or MUR if it rains)

Do you love to read?  Here's your chance to join us for some literacy fun!  Please sign up & take this opportunity to talk to students about your favorite books too!

Check out the attached flyer for a description of daily events----

Questions?  email Amy Seto


MONDAY Kinder Volunteers- "My Favorite Book" Signed Up: 3 / 3

Mon, Dec 4 11:20am-12:15pm

MONDAY Gr 1 -5 Volunteers- "My Favorite Book" Signed Up: 4 / 4

Mon, Dec 4 11:50am-12:45pm

TUESDAY Kinder Volunteers- "Book Swap" Signed Up: 3 / 4

Tue, Dec 5 11:20am-12:15pm
Sign up

TUESDAY Gr 1-5 Volunteers- "Book Swap" Signed Up: 4 / 5

Tue, Dec 5 11:50am-12:45pm
Sign up

WEDNESDAY Kinder Volunteers- "Buddy Reading" Signed Up: 3 / 4

Wed, Dec 6 11:20am-12:15pm
Sign up

WEDNESDAY Gr 1- 5 Volunteers- "Buddy Reading" Signed Up: 3 / 5

Wed, Dec 6 11:50am-12:45pm
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THURSDAY Kinder Volunteers- "Quote Scavenger" @ *Morning Recess* Signed Up: 2 / 3

Thu, Dec 7 9:30am-10:00am
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THURSDAY Gr 1-5 Volunteers- "Quote Scavenger" @ *Morning Recess* Signed Up: 4 / 4

Thu, Dec 7 9:50am-10:20am

FRIDAY Kinder Volunteers - "Book Trivia" Signed Up: 2 / 4

Fri, Dec 8 11:20am-12:15pm
Sign up

FRIDAY Gr 1 -5 Volunteers - "Book Trivia" Signed Up: 5 / 5

Fri, Dec 8 11:50am-12:45pm