Yearbook News Updates - Including an IMPORTANT Message on Receiving Your Yearbook
Thu, Apr 9 4:11pm


IMPORTANT: Receiving your 2019-2020 Huff Yearbook

If you ordered a yearbook early, prior to March 29th, Treering will ship the yearbook free-of-charge to your home! To have your yearbook shipped directly to your home, you will need to log into Treering, go to My Orders, select your order, and edit your mailing address.


Note: If you do not change your mailing address, your child's yearbook will be mailed directly to Huff and will not be available for pick up until the start of the next school year.


Keep in mind, it's not too late to order a yearbook! All yearbook orders from March 29th and later will be mailed directly to your home with a reduced shipping fee of $2.99. Take advantage of the lower shipping costs now!


Need Photos for “Shelter in Place” Coronavirus Page

We’re adding a page to this year’s yearbook called “Shelter in Place.” The most memorable event of your child’s year will be this time at home staying safe from the Coronavirus. Are your kids learning new skills online? Having Zoom calls with their friends or their class? Cooking, playing outside, or going on hikes? Whatever they’re doing, we would love to have your photos. Please upload them here:

If you don’t want your child to appear in the yearbook, or if you have any other questions please email Dorothy and Kathleen at