FINAL DAYS! Huff PTA Membership contest ends tomorrow, Sept. 30
Tue, Sep 29 2:10pm

Only two days to go!

The classroom with the most kids having at least one PTA Member will enjoy a virtual magic show during a school day in October.
The leading 5 classrooms as of Sept. 28 were:
  Room 1 - Ms Lopez (K)
  Room 16 - Ms Schaefer (4-5)
  Room 11 - Ms Hinson (3)
  Room 14 - Mr Mello (4)
  Room 9 - Ms Ngo (2)

But the race is close, classrooms are neck-and-neck, and every new membership counts!

Membership is just $12; it's quick and easy to join online at

For any questions contact Ann or Katie at