Teacher Playdate and Principal for a Day Raffle Winners
Mon, Nov 18 5:39pm

Good Evening Hugo Reid Families,

Winter Wonderland last Friday was a great success and a good time was had by all! I want to take this opportunity to thank Play to Learn Toys and Pasadena Sandwich Company one more time for their generous support of this event. 


Our Teacher Playdate  and Principal for a Day raffle took place that night and the winners are...


Principal for a Day:

Avery Garrett

Arvin Tse

Eveleen & Sophia Osornio


Teacher Playdate:

Reed: Lia Cha

Mora: Caleb Trinh

Sego: Alejandra Soler-Hernandez

Jillizian: Lucas Kang

Vinci: Brayden Kim

Battaglia: Leyla Hunt

J. Morris: Vincent Cao

Halberstadt: Viola Wang

Ritiau: Jon Carter Levings

Garber: Lauren Gonzalez

K. Morris: Ting Fu Chang

Corthell: Sarah Chen

Webb: Andrew Kanaan

Wang: Chris Chen

Ortlund: Ryan Smith

Olson: Charlize Chang

Rettie: Michelle Gassner

Myers: Ava Vagenas

Coulter: Athan Chi

McGovern: Tony Zhang

Arnerich: Johnny Hajjar

McGrath: Kelly Carrol

Walker: Sean Chen

Cheng: Sabrina Yip


Congratulations to all these winners and we will contact you personally with more information about activity, date and time.