Update: CPK - Philantropizza!
Sun, Nov 11 6:09pm
Hugo Reid Elementary

Hi Hugo Reid Families,


Your child received or will soon receive a CPK "Philanthropizza" card!  This card is like having a "Restaurant Night" all year long, anytime you'd like.  When you present this card to the server, our school will receive 20% of the net food and beverage purchases!  Last year, this generated over $1,000 in donations from CPK to our school.


Don't forget to double up on the donations to our school and present this card to your server when you go to our upcoming Restaurant Night on Wednesday, November 14th!  Wow!  A 40% donation to our school!  Win-win!!


Ok - my legal counsel (ha-ha-ha...PTSA mom who is a lawyer) has counseled me to let you know they might not double the donation.  So - it might just be 20% instead of 40% .  Either way, give it a try and see what they say.  No harm in asking, right?!