Auction Spotlight: fun future events for students in grades K-2!
Mon, Sep 26 2:49pm

The 23rd Annual
Imai PTA Auction Party

is almost here! 

Join the Imai parent and teacher community at our auction party this Saturday to sign up your kids (and yourselves) for future fun activities and events, including grade-specific events with your students' teachers and classmates.

Our auction catalog is online now! Check it out for a preview of ALL the great items, events & experiences that are up for bid at our auction.

AUCTION ITEM SPOTLIGHT: Today we feature a few of our auction items specifically for students in grades K-2:

  • For Kinders: In April, a museum outing & picnic with Mrs. Chesley & Mrs. Ramirez! (Items 201 and 202)
  • For Kinders and 1st Graders: Cookie Decorating and Slime Party in November (Item 204)
  • For 1st Graders: Rainbow Art Party with all the 1st grade teachers in February! (Items 210-212)
  • For 2nd Graders: After-school cookie baking with all the 2nd grade teachers in November! (Items 217-219)
  • For any students grade K-2: An Afternoon of STEAM with Ms. Geer in December! (Iten 216)

There are many more items like these in our catalog of auction itemsSpots for all these events are limited, and bids begin when gates open at our auction this Saturday, Oct. 1, at 6:30p.m.

Pre-register online now to save time when you arrive on Saturday. The event is FREE to attend (including food and drink) but registration is required in advance or at the door.

Any questions about our event? Check out our online FAQs, email or visit our auction webpage for all the latest updates.