BOOKFAIR: Clarification and update
Tue, Mar 22 9:26pm

Our first day of the Book Fair was fun and festive, as always! The MUR will be open for the Book Fair the rest of the week, each day from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Apple Pay and Google Pay was down part of today but should be working the rest of the week.

Lines may be long at times due to a low number of parent helpers. If you can volunteer, even for part of a shift, sign up here and indicate the time you're available.


  • Parents are not allowed to enter the gates into campus until 3:00pm. Because students must attend the book fair with an adult, they should find their parent/guardian outside the gates and return after 3:00. Or, if necessary, the students can sit outside the MUR to wait for their adult to arrive at 3:00.
  • Please, no playground use or hanging around on campus during the book fair due to ongoing after-school programs.