FOR THE STUDENTS: Sign up in advance for Eaglefest Karaoke!
Tue, May 3 6:33pm

PARENTS: We emailed you yesterday about our upcoming spring carnival, Eaglefest. (We still need volunteers, sign up here.) But the rest of this email is for your kids! Please read/share it with them.

For Eaglefest this year we're excited to have  DJ Purple returning to bring us Karaoke at Eaglefest! This means we need YOU to sing! You can sing alone, with a friend, or you can sing together with your whole classroom! Teachers can sing too!

If you want to join us for Karaoke, you have to pick a song, and then sign up in advance!

You can't just sing any song in the world, so here's a link to DJ Purple's full songbook.

If that's too much for you to dig through, here's a shorter list of songs we recommend.

Once you've picked a song, you must sign up on our Google Sheet for  Eaglefest Karaoke Signups! We don't want to repeat songs, so look at the other sign ups and pick a second choice song in case other people also pick your first choice song.

We'd also love suggestions for songs DJ Purple should play when people are not singing karaoke. So visit our Google Sheet to write in some playlist suggestions, too... even if you're not singing Karaoke.
We can't wait to hear you and your teachers sing! :)
If you have any questions, you can email Brooke Heymach Friedman at