ONE MORE WEEK of PTA Membership and Donation Drive
Thu, Sep 14 11:36pm

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September 14, 2023

Which class is on track to win the PTA Membership Drive popsicle contest? Read below to find out! And check our website to stay in-the-know for upcoming dates

  • *ONE WEEK LEFT* PTA Membership Drive (and Popsicle Contest): Join PTA today! It takes less than 5 minutes! Contest ends Sept 23.
  • PTA Donation Drive: Consider adding a donation when you join the PTA. And, if available, request an employer match to double your contribution!
  • PTA General Meeting: Wed, Sept 20 at 7 pm (on Zoom); registration link to be sent this weekend 


Who’s in the lead?

  • Mrs. Chesley (Kinder, Rm 2) - 60%
  • Ms. McCullough (2nd grade, Rm 8) - 58%
  • Ms. Schaefer (5th grade, Rm 16) - 52%
  • Ms. Wong (1st grade, Rm 5), Ms. Ngo (2nd grade, Rm 12), Mr. Mello (4th grade, Rm 15 ) - tied at 50%

How to join PTA:

For new members: 

  • Go to this link and click “Join with email”
  • Enter your name, email, and then create a password. Click “Sign up with Email”
  • For membership type, select “Parent/Guardian” or another appropriate option 
  • Check out with credit card. Membership is just $12 (+$1 convenience fee).

To renew your membership:

  • Log into Totem with your email and password
  • Renew your membership



Why donate? The Imai PTA spends ~$300+ per student ($150K annual budget). See what we fund at this link.

  • Suggested donation is $200 per child, but any amount is appreciated!

How do I donate?

  • Via Totem: When you become a member or renew your membership, you can add a donation
  • Via employer giving portal (e.g. Benevity): Search for “Amy Imai Elementary PTA”, Tax ID:77-0492242, and don’t forget to request a match!
  • Via check payable to “Amy Imai Elementary PTA”

Questions? Contact


PTA GENERAL MEETING on Wed, Sept 20 at 7 pm: All parents are invited! Come learn more about what decisions the PTA makes, what’s in our 2023-2024 budget, and how you can be involved. Registration link will be sent this weekend. 


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