Parents Night Out - Spotlight on Family and Adult Parties
Thu, Oct 26 11:13pm


Looking for fun for the whole family or an adult-only (i.e. kid-free) evening? Look no further! Join our hospitable Imai community in beloved annual traditions as well as new events to match all kinds of interests.

  • The ULTIMATE 49ers experience for 4 at Levi Stadium
  • Family Movie & Pizza party (with Sangria!)
  • Family Camping at the 15th Annual Imai Campout
  • Dad's Poker Night 
  • Mix and Mingle Holiday Cocktail Party for Moms
  • Around the World in 7 Plates: A Culinary Adventure
  • "Shaken, Not Stirred" - a James Bond themed Dinner Party AND Murder Mystery
  • Karaoke Night (for adults!)
  • Tacos & Tequila
  • And so many more...!

Check out the full catalog of Parties/Events/Items here.


So, how do I sign up for these parties?

  • Pre-Register online today! 135+ attendees have already registered, so you can count on a fun evening!
  • Come to Parents' Night Out on Friday, Nov 3rd.  Spots for these featured parties are limited, so be first in line when sign ups/bids begin at 7 pm! Details on where to park, where to check-in, etc. will be provided next week.
  • Need childcare? YMCA is offering babysitting from 6-11 pm! Fill out this form to express your interest.
  • Still have Q’s? Check out FAQs or contact chairs Liza Hoyne and Kamal Naran at

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