Retirement Farewell to Ms Kalb
Wed, Jun 1 9:29pm

(re-sending as a reminder!)

Dear Imai Families,

Our beloved Ms. Kalb ( school librarian) has decided to retire at the end of this school year and even though she has asked that we not make a huge fuss over it, we can't just let her retire without celebrating her and all of her years at Huff/Imai. We are putting together gift baskets for her that we will give her on her last day. Since we know that she likes gardening and art we have chosen those as the basket themes (2 baskets). If you are interested in contributing, please send your item to the office by Thursday, June 2nd. 

Gardening: seeds, pretty pots, tools, gardening books or magazines, gift cards to a garden store,etc.. 

Art supplies: nice colored pencils, a variety of paints, paint brushes,sketch pads, pretty pens, pencils, gift cards to an art supply store, etc... 

We are also putting together a video tribute that we will share with her. Click on the link to contribute a greeting from you or your kids!

It's a surprise... Please don't tell her. 

Please email Principal Siam if you have any questions.