Tue, Apr 19 3:01pm

News & Reminders
from Imai PTA
April 19, 2022

Still gearing back up from Spring Break? Just a few quick updates from Imai PTA this week, with updates about our upcoming spring carnival, a wrap-up from our Walkathon, and a reminder to report your volunteer hours:

EAGLEFEST is coming: Thanks to all who submitted name ideas for our spring school fair (formerly known as Hawkfest). "Eaglefest" rolls off the tongue and got the most votes of our event planning committee and leadership team.
It's been three years since we've had this big event, so don't miss the fun as we bring it back on Friday, May 13, 5:00-8:00pm on the school grounds. There'll be games and activities, food and music, and it's free to attend for everyone in the Imai community. Don't miss it! More details coming soon.

WALKATHON RECAP: It’s been a few weeks since our walkathon, but we’ve been busy notifying winners, tabulating data and finishing pledge collection. About 75% of Imai students participated in our first walkathon, which was GREAT for rebuilding our community! Since we FAR surpassed our goal of 50% student participation, Principal Siam will be sharing a silly surprise with everyone at Eaglefest on May 13.

Congratulations to Room 2 (Ms. Chesley) and Room 6 (Ms. Luongo) for winning popsicle parties for the highest rate of registration… both rooms had 100% of students registered!

Congratulations to our drawing and prize winners: Ophelia C., Luke M., Yu-Chi C, Larry L, Dylan C., Clara Y., Audrey W, Neil S. And the Effendi family.

Finally, while we didn’t focus on pledges this year, we did raise about $11,000 after expenses. Thank you to all who donated! We are still awaiting about $1,000 in pledges, so if you created a pledge page, take a look to see if all your committed donors have paid.

RECORD YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS: If you've spent ANY time volunteering over the school year, with PTA activities, as a room parent, as a Project Cornerstone reader, helping out at any other events, etc. please report the hours here on our very short online form. Include hours you might anticipate for the rest of the year, and do it today! Our historian has to prepare a report at the end of April with a cumulative total of parent volunteer hours given over the school year. These reported hours help prove the impact that parents and PTAs make in our schools. Thank you!

Have a great week!