THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW from Imai PTA -- Dec, 13, 2021
Mon, Dec 13 2:24pm

News & Reminders
from Imai PTA
December 13, 2021

It's the last week of school in 2021! Here are some important news bits for you to know before the holiday break:

  • FREE STUDENT T-SHIRTS: remaining shirts will come to classrooms this week
  • COMPLETE OUR PARENT SURVEY to help us improve and plan for the future
  • HOLIDAY CARD DISCOUNTS for procastinators


HOLIDAY SOCIAL: Parents and kids all seemed to have a blast at our holiday social last Friday and Saturday! Thanks to all who attended. A few loose ends to note:

  • THANKS FOR THE BOOKS! Your donations to our holiday book drive brought in 250 books for children in our school district.
  • It's not too late: You can still turn in your Bingo Card TODAY ONLY by sending a photo of the completed card to Submit the card and have a good chance to win a gift card!

STUDENT T-SHIRTS: If your student(s) didn't pick up their new Imai Elementary t-shirt at the social, remaining shirts will be distributed to all classrooms later this week. If you don't receive one before break or if you have any questions, email Extra shirts (mostly adult sizes) will be available for online purchase in January.

SPIRIT WEEK THIS WEEK: In case you missed it, let your kids have fun with spirit week at school this week! The themes each day are:

  • Tuesday: Beach Day (tropical prints, beachwear, sunglasses and hats)
  • Wednesday: Animal Day (animal prints, or anything with animals)
  • Thursday: Sports/Athletics Day (Your favorite team or any athletic clothes)
  • Friday: Holiday Spirit Day (any festive wear, silly sweaters, etc.)

COMPLETE OUR PARENT SURVEY: Got a few minutes to share your thoughts? Complete our parent survey to help us improve and plan for the future. We appreciate your insights!

HOLIDAY CARD DISCOUNTS: If you've been procrastinating but still are trying to get holiday cards together to send to friends/family, use these discount codes to save money and get some of the proceeds donated back to Imai PTA:

  • use promo code FUNDRAISEIMAI to save 20% (and 15% is donated back to us) 
  • use promo code FUNDRAISER21-AMYIMAI to save 30% (and 20% is donated back to us)

Have a great week!