Mon, Jan 9 3:46pm


January 9, 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back to school! Trust us, the rest of the year will go by fast, especially with some great events and opportunities coming up. Read on below for more details about:

  • IMAI SPRING CAMPOUT April 29; a few spots remain available!  
  • UPCOMING PTA MEETINGS: will you please join us?
  • NOMINATIONS FOR NEXT YEAR: we need your recruiting skills!

SPRING WALKATHON: Save the date for the whole family to join us on Saturday, March 18 (morning thru early afternoon). Our first walkathon last year was loads of fun and this year's should be even better! Look for more details coming in Friday folders in early February.

SPRING CAMPOUT: It's historically one of our most beloved family events from the PTA auction. This year's is a little different, happening on school grounds on Saturday, April 29 (into Sunday morning!). A limited number of spots remain available; for details or purchase, email

PTA MEETINGS COMING UP: PLEASE let us see your shining faces at our next Imai PTA General meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 7:00-8:00pm on Zoom (click here to register). Agenda items will include updates from Principal Siam, Treasurer's report, Walkathon update, budget amendments to vote on, naming of our nominating committee for 2023-24, and more.

Attendance at our PTA meetings has fallen to an all-time low, such that at our last meeting, we didn't have quorum (per our bylaws requirement) to pass budget amendments to increase allocations for our STEM teachers.

As we communicated earlier in the year, we'd love to influence your new years resolution with a commitment to the school through volunteering and "civic duty." As we teach our kids the importance of voting when they become young adults, you too can foster support of school initiatives by attending a PTA general meeting. The meetings are a great time to get caught up on school events and initiatives, hear from Principal Siam, and to understand, influence and vote on how our PTA funds are dispersed.

In addition to Jan. 18, the remaining general meetings for this school year are scheduled for March 15 and May 17.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE NEEDED: As mentioned above, our nominating committee will begin work after our Jan. 18 genera meeting to help fill our leadership slate for next school year. We need parents to serve on our nominating committee! Are you well-connected in the community? We need your networking and persuasion skills to help us find our board and committee chairs for next year. The nominating committee is a simple, short-term commitment. If you're willing to consider it, email to inquire or volunteer. Thanks!

Have a great week!