Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week May 2-6
Mon, May 2 - Fri, May 6
Imai Elementary School
1 day before
Imai Parents (and students),
It is a long-standing tradition at Imai to have a whole week designated to recognize the great work the teachers and staff do for our kids. Appreciation Week will be celebrated at Imai next week, May 2-6, with a small daily token of thanks to your classroom teacher(s) as follows:
  • MONDAY 5/2: "Thank you for helping us blossom!”
    Each student can bring a flower or two (picked from your garden or store bought – it’s up to you).  A vase will await in each classroom to put flowers in.
  • TUESDAY 5/3: "Thanks for being one smart cookie!"
    Each student should bring 2 wrapped SNACKS (examples include: cookies, chocolate, protein/granola bar, bag of nuts/trail mix, etc.). Your teacher will have a large basket to put these treats in.
  • WEDNESDAY 5/4: "Thank you for being sharp and to the point!”
    Please bring some type of school/office supply. Pencils, erasers, sharpies, black erase markers, etc. Anything you think your teacher could use inside the classroom.
  • THURSDAY 5/5: "Thanks for a fruitful year"
    Each student should bring a FRUIT (an apple, banana, orange, cuties, etc... no cut fruit please).  
  • FRIDAY 5/6: "Thanks for your hard work, you deserve to relax"
    Each student should bring an item to pamper (Hand lotion, pretty soap, body butter, nail polish, nail file, bath pouf, etc.).
In addition, the PTA will host an appreciation luncheon for all staff on Thursday.
Thank you for your cooperation!