VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS requested at school
Fri, Oct 22 12:00pm

Hi parents, today's announcement has just a few requests for volunteering your time or giving a little something to help out at Imai Elementary:

GOT ANY OLD DIGITAL CAMERAS YOU'RE NOT USING ANYMORE? Cameras are needed at school for some of our 5th grade student leaders to take photos for the school yearbook (since parents are still not allowed on campus at this time). If you have any digital cameras collecting dust in your home, might you donate them to the office for occasional use around school? A working charger/cable and a small memory card is requested with the camera. Contact the office or just drop them off anytime. Thank you!

VOLUNTEER AT DROPOFF OR PICKUP: Parent volunteers help move things along more smoothly at the front and back gates each day. If you can spare 20 minutes any day, sign up here for regular schedule days or Thursday minimum days

RECORD YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS: Spending any time helping out with activities at school or with the PTA needs to be counted for our annual reporting! Please record any volunteer hours on our online volunteer log. It's a very quick form to complete!

DONATE TO IMAI PTA: It's never too late to join or donate to Imai PTA! We're still a bit short of our budgeted donations target for this school year. The suggested donation this year is just $150 per student, but any donations are appreciated in support of all the programs and materials we fund at school. Join or donate today at www.imaipta.org/join