Volunteers needed to set up our student art show
Fri, Mar 10 9:04am

Parents, if you're free on weekdays (next two Wednesdays and Thursdays) our school's CSMA art teacher needs help setting up the student art show that we'll all enjoy at Imai's open house. See her message below.

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My name is Lisa Martinez. I am the CSMA art teacher at Imai. I have had the pleasure of teaching art to your talented children since September.

Art created by each child will be shown at the End-of-Year Art Show on March 23rd during Imai's Open House. This means that over 400 individual artworks need to be mounted and labeled in the next two weeks! That is a considerable undertaking, and I cannot do it without some help from the incredible Imai community.

I am planning to mount and label artwork for the Art Show next Wednesday, March 15th and Thursday, March 16th in the Art Room, room 17. *treats will be provided*

I also need help to hang the show in the MUR on Wednesday March 22 & Thursday March 23. We will use blue tape to put butcher paper on the walls and set up tables with ceramics and other 3D work. *treats will be provided*

I would greatly appreciate it if you can come to help. Please feel free to bring a friend or let others know about the "mounting party".

Please fill out this Google Form to let me know your availability. https://forms.gle/28UQocgY2YfBswCw7

More volunteers will be needed the week after to hang and take down the artwork. I will send an email later with more information.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!