Walk-In Wednesday | Donuts & Coffee
Wed, Aug 31 7:40am-8:20am
Outside Front Gate AND Outside Back Gate (Carol Ave)

The morning blacktop was a daily gathering place for the Imai community before the COVID pandemic. To help rebuild the Imai parent community, we'd like to try renewing this custom, at least occasionally, and in a different way!

Join us this Wednesday, Aug. 31, for our first WALK-IN WEDNESDAY at the morning drop-off.

Get ready for school a little early, come into the blacktop/playground area to walk your child to their classroom line, say hi to others, and meet your kids' classmates and their parents! Then at 8am, stick around for a bit outside the gate for coffee and donuts and info/Q&A from Imai PTA.

We hope to see your smiling faces Wednesday morning!

IMPORTANT PARKING NOTES: For the front side of school, parking is available on Martens and Carmelita Avenues, or you can park across Grant (around Erik's Deli) and walk. For the back side of school, do not drive or park in the Carol Ave. dead-end; please park on Sleeper, on Carol Ave. SOUTH of Sleeper, or on neighboring streets.