iMiddle Foundation Recruitment
Mon, Sep 20 3:59pm

Hello Parents & Family of Innovation Middle School, This notice is to let you know about iMiddle’s Parent Foundation and to ask for your help.   Please take the time to read through this notice.

My name is Lynn Adams, I am one of the Foundation members, and have the lead on communications.  The Foundation is an integral part of the school.  We let you know about events, raise funds, and with the funds we supplement funding for iMiddle programs with equipment and supplies, activities and events, and teacher appreciation events.  Our goal is to enrich school programs, provide for a quality education for our students, and also have some fun activities so everyone feels more connected to the school. 

The Foundation works through a website called Konstella, if you haven’t signed up, you can do so here

Your name should be in Konstella as an iMiddle parent, or you can sign up if you’re a family member.  I also sent a Konstella tip sheet, refer to that to learn the basics.  You can also download the Konstella App. 

So please sign up if you haven’t already, and please consider volunteering for the iMiddle Foundation!!!  We really need your help, we had a number of Foundation volunteers who left due to graduations.  You do not need any experience, and you will be given help to do your volunteer work.  You can take the lead on a position, help out, or share a position.  Anyone can volunteer who loves giving back to our community and wants to support our students, our staff, and our school! The following positions are available and you can sign up:

One of the open positions is a Foundation President who is a part of the Board, will take the lead to oversee the Foundation, it’s volunteers and ensure there is a good communication link with IMiddle Staff.  

Foundation President, Board Position – 1

Foundation Treasurer, Board Position - 1

Administrative Assistant/Secretary, Board Position – 1

Awards Ceremony Coordinator – 1

Volunteer Coordinator - 1

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast Volunteer – 2

IParty Coordinator – 1

Color Run Coordinator – 2

Fundraiser Coordinator – 2

Dine and Donate Coordinator – 2

Spirit Wear Coordinator - 2


The following is a link to the I Middle website that provides information about the Foundation: