Halloween Parade
Mon, Oct 26 9:40am
Good Morning! Good Morning!
I can hardly believe that Halloween is almost here!
If you are new to Jamie McGee, we have a tradition that the students and staff do each year for Halloween. That tradition is a Halloween Parade where the students and staff all get to dress up and have a parade around the school for parents and families to come and see.
Well....we want to keep up that traditon with our very first "Virtual Halloween Parade!"
This week please feel free to post a picture of your student(s) in their Halloween costume on that day's Facebook post. For example: if you want to post a picture today, please post your pictures in the comments section of this post. Each morning I will make a new parade post and people can post their pictures in the comments section.
🍀Jamie McGee Teachers and Staff, this parade wouldn't be a parade without you all! Please feel free to post pictures of yourselves in your Halloween Costume too!!
Lastly, if you would be so kind as to share this with your fellow Jamie McGee families that would be great! We know that not all our Jamie McGee Families follow our Facebook page or even have Facebook. For those that do not have Facebook, they can email their pictures to jmgvicepres@gmail.com and I would be happy to post them. We will also be sending out a Konstella announcement to reach as many families as possible.