Jamie McGee Fun Run Update
Fri, Apr 29 6:40am

Jamie McGee FUN RUN Fundraiser UPDATE

We’re doing good so far, but we need more registration and online sharing.


Currently, we have raised $4,245.  

Our school community has raised 85% of our goal which is $5,000!


1.) Our goal is to get 100% of students registered. 


  • So far we only have 59, or 15%, of 389 students registered. 
  • We need at least 135 more students to register! Please register!



2.) Of the 59 registered, just 34 have raised $4,245! Imagine how much more we could raise if we had even 50% of our students registered. That’s only 194 students! Any student registered by 4/30 will win a prize!


4.) Next week we will begin our RAFFLES! There will be lots of prizes for all sized donations! 


5.) Here are the classes that have met their goal and will get an ice cream party: 

Mrs. Farrar

Ms. Jones

Ms. Allen

Ms. Salvatore

First Register or re-Login to your parent dashboard and complete your child’s students webpage with a PICTURE at getmovinfundhub.com. School Identifier: 6228e98ccbbc5


  • Make an online donation using the red Donate button right away


  • Share with friends and family, they want to help!
  • Send 10-15 emails and/or text messages
  • Post Facebook or Twitter
  • Help your child reach their goal in 24/48 hours

MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  The Jamie McGee Fun Run will be held on 05/25/2022.  It’ll be an awesome day to celebrate all our students!