Jamie McGee Fun Run Update
Fri, May 13 7:01am


We have raised $14,500!

Our STRETCH GOAL is $17,000!


We have 15 more days to make it happen!

The McGee parent who shares the 


on social media by 5/27/22 will win a party for 10 at 

Master Axe at the Promenade! 


We’ve all heard about the power of Facebook, Twitter, email and text.

Let’s band together as parents and harness some of that for our Jamie McGee Elementary!

Try this……

  • After registering, login to the Parent Dashboard at www.getmovinfundhub.com
  • Add a student picture or a family picture if using the Family Webpage
  • Click Facebook button.  It’s two clicks of a button!  Your adorable student picture immediately posts for your friends and family along with a link for them to make an immediate donation.
  • You’ll receive a great news email every time someone donations! 

 Whatever method you use to share is amazing. 

All you have to remember is to……

Share, share, share!

Right now, Jamie McGee Elementary has a total of 315 shares!

Help us reach our goals by sharing today!  


The parent who has THE MOST SHARES by 5/27/22 will win a party for 10 at Master Axe right here in Bolingbrook at the Promenade!